Press Releases

Mar 03
Shannon Grove receives award for expanding educational choices for students and parents | 03/03/2015
Assemblywoman Shannon Grove is pictured here with 14-year-old, 8th grade student Ryan MeCey. He attends an online public school called the California Virtual Academy.  SACRAMENTO –...
Feb 27
Shannon Grove fights to protect rights of college students | 02/27/2015
SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove introduced legislation to protect the rights of college students to form clubs around shared beliefs called the California Student Freedom of...

In The News

Feb 27
Shannon Grove introduces bill to restore religious freedom on campus | 02/27/2015

In response to an all-out assault on religious liberty and the right to associate freely on California college campuses, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove introduced the California Freedom of...

Feb 27
Bill targets CSU's 'believe it or not' edict | 02/27/2015

“Real tolerance allows differing groups to hold diverse points of view.” Grove introduced a bill Friday allowing groups at public colleges and universities to have belief-based requirements for...


Feb 13
Shannon Grove says port union is holding the nation's economy hostage | 02/13/2015

Port union workers are putting at risk the nation's economy and the livelihoods of thousands of Americans. The union needs to go back to work and stop holding our nation hostage in order to...

Dec 01
Video: Shannon Grove Co-sponsors bill to stop a new gas tax | 12/01/2014

Shannon Grove expresses her support for the Affordable Gas for California Family Act at the conclusion of the press conference Monday, December 1, 2014.